Our Founder

The Rev.S.T Pettigrew

Founded in 1866 by an Anglican Clergyman, The Rev.S.T Pettigrew, The Cathedral High School and Pre – University College has come through various stages of its growth to blossom into a prime educational institution as it stands today.

In the eternal landscape of the past comes a moment to script a chapter in history, One such moment was when Rev.S.T Pettigrew saw an Indian Woman seeking financial support to care for two white orphaned girls. Moved to compassion the venerable clergyman took them in, there were many more children. With the gift of a place on Richmond road, by the Maharaja of Mysore, The Courpalais Girls Home was born. The spark of compassion grew into the flame of passion for education. With the march of time came the stages of development as the “Home” metamorphosed into ‘The Cathedral’ of learning.

Today the Cathedral Composite P.U College and High School stands enriched by the past heritage, inspired to enhance the present, poised to encounter the challenges of the future, ‘Moving Forward in Faith’.