Welcome to Cathedral

It is where the ancient heritage and modern innovations meet, It is where the pristine past and the avant – garde of the present greet, It is a fertile ground for an educational el-dovode, It’s ‘The Cathedral ‘of inquiry. “Welcome to the Cathedrals”.


Rt. Rev Dr P K Samuel
Cathedral Comp. P. U. College and High School

The Rev Pettigrew has indeed left behind a legacy that has percolated through 151 years. With time we have evolved, from a humble beginning to becoming one of the premier Institutions in Bangalore.

In keeping with the mission of value based education, Cathedral believes + more

Our History

Founded in 1866 by an Anglican Clergyman, The Rev.S.T Pettigrew, The Cathedral High School and Pre - University College has come through various stages of its growth to blossom into a prime educational institution as it stands today. + more